Testimonials on ICC West-Valley Programs


Sandhya P: “I have really enjoyed the ICC West Valley Pilates class. Rajashree, our instructor, is fabulous. She explains the moves and how they benefit us and she is so thorough, patient and encouraging.  She is always ready to answer questions during the class and offer work around solutions for anything we can’t do.  This is a wonderful class for beginner and intermediate levels, and those looking for a steady consistent workout. Kudos to Rajashree for creating a warm and wonderful environment in which to better ourselves.”

Monika J: I really love the Pilates class and Rajshree is the best Instructor. She is not only well qualified but also very knowledgeable. She makes Pilates seem very simple and easy for us.”

Shefali L: "When I joined pilates, my top worry was if I could manage the exercise. The instructor, Rajashree, was able to explain each element, she kept pace with each exercise allowing newbies like me to understand and get up to speed without feeling incapable. After only one session, I felt well stretched, I got my workout, and had an amazing restful sleep, without feeling too tired and sore the next day! Fantastic class, and I have been recommending it to all my friends ever since."

Dhoom Macha Le

Monika J: “Dhoom Macha Le is a great platform that gives an opportunity to all the wonderful singers of our community to come forward and show their talents. It helps to connect all the like-minded people together and thus building a strong network especially during these COVID times.”


Sujata Kamat: "A party in every class. The music is up beat, the steps easy to follow and the lively instructor like Jasneet make workout HAPPEN with smiles on our faces. Jasneet is a friendly person and connects with everyone and there is great camaraderie in her classes.
Basically it meets my needs physically, mentally, emotionally and socially in one happy family style class. Thank you Jasneet and thank you ICC for bringing us Jasneet in this BollyFit class"

Esho Martin: "Jasneet is a very good dancer. She's naturally talented but more importantly she gets everyone else empowered, on the floor and off the floor. It doesn't matter where you come from, how old you are or how much dancing experience you have. She will make sure you're having fun in her class. Her positive nature is very contagious. She's extremely caring and considerate and just wants to make sure everybody has fun. She is Gold. I hope she gets paid for what she does."

Swaphna Srihari: "ICC Team - thanks for bringing Jasneet’s BollyFit class to us in Cupertino - Jasneet makes my Saturdays special. Attending her class is such a pleasure and sets a great tune to the rest of my day. Her energy, positive vibes, songs, choreography - just love them. She is very inclusive and brings a ton of variety to the class. Such a great stress buster the class is. During the hour that I am there, I forget everything else in my life and have just fun. At the end of the class, I feel physically tired (from the workout - good workouts should tire you), but mentally rejuvenated and recharged to take on the world. Thanks again and would always love to attend more session(s) of Jasneet’s BollyFit if opportunity permits."

Amitha: "Jasneet is an amazing instructor. She's is an energy ball who helps you sweat while having fun! Jasneet loves to dance, she includes some of the super hit Bolly songs while including new songs each class. Jasneet is inspiring and always smiling.
If you love to dance, have fun or like to be a part of this friendly dancing group then I would highly recommend to join the class. This class is mostly aerobic which helps you burn calories while having fun and good vibes. Every class feels like a celebration!"

Rohini Vora: “Recharge” is the word for Jas’s class! Her class Recharges you for the entire week with fitness-physical and mental health! Love you Jas! Thanks for doing this!"

Kiran S: "BollyFIT class with Jasneet is an absolute must for anyone who wants to get fit , learn Bollywood dance moves all while having lots of fun! Jasneet’s high energy is so infectious it is hard not to get grooving and moving to those dance moves. She is a very friendly and knowledgeable dance instructor. She also gives an opportunity to anyone who wants to choreograph a song and present it to the class. Jasneet is a rockstar and so is her class! I look forward to coming to her BollyFit class every Saturday and I am sure so does everyone!"

Swathi: "Jasneet is awesome. Her is class is super fun, high impact and full of energy. You are having such a good time that you don’t even realize you are actually are working out! I highly recommend Bollyfit by Jasneet, it is doable for anyone and you will enjoy the experience!"

Girija Rao: "Jasneet is an amazing instructor. We look forward to Saturdays class. Good energy and we all get a good workout. Jasneet is very inclusive and makes the class very exciting with new bolly numbers. She also encourages and gives others a chance to choreograph and teach the class. Overall I would highly encourage people to attend and try a class."

Anjana Gorur: "Amazing instructor Jasneet and a wonderful class every Saturday that I enjoy coming to. She is very inclusive and upbeat and dancing to the songs is fun and i go back with a smile!! Look forward to it every time!"

Sunita Merchia: "If you have not started the day with Jasneet's class on Sat then the soul of life is missing. Jasneet is amazing, talented, fun filled instructor and a friend, we love her class."