Ashvin Radiya


Ashvin Radiya is a Founding Board Member of ICC West Valley. He has a strong interest in helping and partnering with nonprofits. He has many entrepreneurial interests including development of a no-code mobile apps platform and bringing innovation in learning music and meditation practices. He has over 25+ years of industry and academic experience. For the last 20+ years, he has been an entrepreneur and founder of AvantSoft, Inc.

His latest initiative is a no-code app platform that integrates with Zoom, Shopify, EventBrite, Square to quickly launch apps. He has developed partnerships with many large companies such as Citi, eBay, IBM, Freescale, Corporate Express, HP, Oracle, and BEA. He has guided the development of many software products including chatbots, developer tools, and marketing tools. He has led the development and delivery of AvantSoft's training and consulting services. In his academic life, he has taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses in the Computer Science department. He went to IIT, Mumbai and Syracuse University for his studies